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Kucherenko Viktor Mikhailovich, chief engineer of KUB-Gas LLC passed away

Kucherenko Viktor Mikhailovich, chief engineer of KUB-Gas LLC, my dad, passed away.

Thanks to him, I met with the oil and gas industry and people whose work for the well-being of the country can hardly be overestimated.

I am sure that Viktor Mikhailovich will be remembered by colleagues and friends as a real professional, a person who was in his place and could still do a lot to develop gas production.

Working for seven years at KUB-Gas LLC, he shared the success of the company and deeply experienced the difficulties of the past few years.

He was a leader who always supported young professionals and could find mutual understanding with everyone with whom he spoke.

Viktor Mikhailovich never remained indifferent to other people's problems and did everything in his power to provide assistance.

Let his attitude, decency, kindness and modesty become an example for everyone who will continue to lead the oil and gas industry to success.

Inna Kucherenko,



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