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Region is the first Ukraine’s company that started using coiled tubing technologies for intensification and development of wells. In 2007, we launched such a direction as drilling and workover of wells.

Since 2008, the company started fracturing operations and salt acid fractures, and since 2012 we also started sidetracking and drilling deep wells up to 6,000 m.

Thus, by introducing certain technologies, we met the needs of the oil and gas market of Ukraine at that time. We aimed to provide the Ukrainian oil and gas market with modern technologies to increase production.

Should Ukraine had a potential for hydrocarbon recovery similar to, for example, Saudi Arabia or Russia, we would have a different path of development. Being a service company, we would choose a single direction and advance in it, but the Ukrainian market is quite narrow and demanding of technological solutions.

In total, we carried out more than 100 drilling and workover operations, more than 500 operations on development of wells and intensification of production and also almost 50 fracturing and acid fracturing operations.

Organizational principles of interaction with customers:

-        Daily rate. Work performance takes place within the framework of regulated norms and rules under the supervision of the customer. These are, among other things, the works we are currently performing for Ukrgasvydobuvannya.

-        IPM - Integrated Project Management. This approach includes, among other things, the development of a comprehensive program of work.
We also had experience in implementing risk projects, when the remuneration of contractors depended on the volume of products received.

These areas allow us to successfully work with both large and small companies.



This image shows the capabilities of the company, which are part of the Integrated Project Management block. These are design and technological services, including accounting and geological estimates, if required by the project. It also includes the intensification of production, including waterproofing, drilling, workover. A separate block is coiled tubing technologies we actively develop.


Coiled tubing technologies 




We use coiled tubing technologies during acid treatment to remove impassability in a wellbore; for waterproofing, including installing cement plugs, casing perforation and development of wells with nitrogen.

In the image you can see the structure of our operations. The main work is the development of wells using coiled tubing and nitrogen plant. We also perform waterproofing and acid treatment operations.

We created our own chemical systems to intensify production.
These are acid intensification systems, chelate systems, systems of chemical-mechanical deflectors and waterproofing systems.

All these developments were carried out jointly with the Faculty of Chemistry of the Karazin Kharkiv National University, on the basis of which we have a laboratory that we use to prepare projects under IPM.

Summing up our current capabilities, we can say that we created a line of high-tech services that meet the needs of the market. 

In the field of drilling new wells, workover and well recovery, as well as in the field of production intensification, we use high quality products and technological tools with unique properties.

Now we are ready to meet the needs of the customer both within the IPM and on a turnkey basis, as well as on a daily basis - all this guarantees the achievement of the goal - to increase production in the shortest possible time with optimal budgets. 

Decarbonisation: The European Commission declared the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050 and the complete abandonment of hydrocarbon combustion in energy production. Of course, we all wonder: will there be a demand for our services in connection with this concept?

We live in the era of information revolution. If you remember, concepts such as shelgas were still in trend recently (it was about 5-8 years ago). The concept of fracturing was also widely discussed. Decarbonisation is now on trend. Working in the oil and gas industry, we create an energy base for the entire industry.

In our opinion, we have to join forces to reduce the use of hydrocarbons in energy production. We have approximately 30 years, which is a lot. This year, Ukraine will celebrate the 30th anniversary of independence of Ukraine.
So, if we compare the year of 1991 and the present - there have been huge changes. We do not know how trends will change, but, on the other hand, understanding this vector, we should focus on and intensify our activities in the Ukrainian subsoil.

I will end my report with the following words: “There is always wind in the sea. The task of the captain and the team is to catch the wind."

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