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Update on Tacrom Services Ukraine Operations

It has been a little over 2 years since Tacrom has begun frac and coiled tubing operations in Ukraine.

Although we have had our struggles with weather and road conditions we have managed to perform over 200 frac and 300 coiled tubing operations.

It is with great pride that we were able to contribute to reversing the natural decline in gas production in Ukraine, and with our fellow service companies actually now see increasing production three years in a row.

In the past 2 years we have had many additions to our company staff as well as added service lines.

Our biggest achievement was that we have been able to provide approximately 80 jobs to Ukrainian nationals as well as dozens of new positions currently filled by Romanian personnel.

These are career jobs, and along with better than average salaries, there is training provided to all our personnel to increase their competence and knowledge in the oil and gas services sector.

We now have a Ukrainian incorporated office and offer our services as a local supplier to streamline our service capabilities.

We have commissioned and started a second frac fleet. This fleet is currently operating in west Ukraine and has shown very good results by using hydraulic fracturing technology on old and new wells alike.

We now have 4 coiled tubing units in Ukraine.

We now offer all packers, frac ports, liner hangers, tools, fluids and pumping equipment for multistage fracturing projects. This includes high rate slickwater and hybrid fluid designs as well as conventional frac fluids.

We have performed these unconventional fracs treatments with up to 9 stages per well, and up to two zones fracked in one day.

In conjunction with multistage fracturing we supplied coiled tubing conveyed mills and motors to mill out the frac port seats after the frac to remove any restrictions in the liner.

We will soon take delivery of a reel with 2 inch coiled tubing pipe to facilitate faster milling and longer reach horizontal work.

We added many pieces of auxiliary equipment such as water tanks, cranes, flatbeds, water heaters and filter units to speed up the operations in both fracturing and coiled tubing services.

We began supplying plunger lift equipment and technical support to remove produced water in gas wells and increase production by up to 300%.

In early 2019 we will offer capillary string installations to allow our customers to pump foamer into the perforated intervals to remove produced water.

We offer hot oil treatments to remove asphalt and paraffin from the production tubing and surface lines.

Many of these services are widely available in North America but are new technologies in Ukraine and all of them will improve individual well performance as well as extending the useful life of oil and gas wells drilled in the past.

We will continue to pursue additional work in all service lines by participating in the Prozorro Auction platform which is proving to be a very transparent and equitable system of awarding contracts.

This will translate into more and more investment in our equipment and personnel.


Ralph Koskamp

GM Tacrom Services.

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