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Victor Dudzic: Success technologies for Gas Producing Companies

Following the results of 2018, the Smart Energy group of companies showed a significant increase in hydrocarbon production - 31%.

Already in February 2019, she began drilling a new exploration well in the Poltava region. Viktor Dudzich, Technical Director of Smart Energy, will tell about what helped the company to increase production and about promising technologies.


Which of the extractive assets showed the most significant growth in 2018?  How do you think what was the reason for that?

Of all the group companies, the most significant growth in last year’s hydrocarbon recovery was demonstrated by the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited, which operates in the Poltava region.

First of all, this was encouraged by the commissioning of the well No. 12 at the Sviridovskoe gas condensate field after the well has been overhauled. Thanks to optimal technical solutions during the workover, we received an initial flow rate that significantly exceeded the targeted one. Besides, the company could minimize the technical risks of the impossibility of obtaining inflows.

The optimization of the operating practices at one of the wells drilled in 2017 increased its productivity by 20%.

In 2018, the total average daily hydrocarbon recovery at the Mekhedovsko-Golotovschinskoe and Sviridovskoe fields in the Poltava region was 2,717 boepd: gas - 341,216 m3/day, condensate - 70 m3/day, LPG - 36 m3/day. For comparison, in 2017 - 1629 boepd total: gas – 197,961 m3/day, condensate - 47 m3/day, LPG - 24 m3/day. In fact, we see an increase in average daily production by 67%.

I would like to note that the main growth factor is the smooth, daily and near work of the entire technical team of the SmartEnergy group of companies.

Please tell us more about the most significant and interesting technological solutions applied within the projects?

We applied a number of innovative solutions that allowed us to successfully commission two wells - No. 28 at Ostroverkhovskoe field and No. 10 – at the Vasischevskoe gas condensate fields and overhaul the above well No. 12.

When implementing all the projects, SmartEnergy group switched to the technology of primary opening of producing horizons using invert-emulsion systems. This allowed minimizing the detrimental effect of drilling mud on the reservoir. In addition, this technology is used when paired with a fairly new, in Ukraine and the world, reservoir separation technology using expanding packer systems. Using this technology makes it possible to get away from traditional cementing technology. We thereby reduce the risks of detrimental effects of grouting mixtures and the process of cementing on the producing reservoir. 

These and other technologies used in pair allowed us to receive hydrocarbon inflows above the expected.

What, in your opinion, were the main changes in the gas and oilfield service market of Ukraine last year?

The main changes were associated with a large amount of work by the state-owned company Ukrgazdobycha. Our colleagues involved almost all the resources available in the Ukrainian market, internal and external, including world leaders and quite new suppliers for our market, such as Chinese companies. In this regard, private oil and gas companies suffer a certain shortage of services. This is especially true for workover services.

But at the same time, Ukrgazdobycha uses the potential of local drilling contractors not to the fullest extent, even with the quality of services by domestic drilling contractors significantly improved over the past few years thanks to the modernization of the drilling equipment fleet, the use of modern technologies and the improvement of production culture. 

How do you consider what technologies of drilling and improved recovery are most promising for Ukraine? What action to take for their successful implementation?

There are a lot of technologies available in the market, but in order to understand the perspective and feasibility of using one technology or another for a particular field and a particular well, one has to assess the effectiveness of using such technologies. In some situations hydraulic fracturing is effective, in others - acid treatment, horizontal drilling radial opening of producing horizon, etc. It all depends on the specific geological and technical tasks and feasibility when applying one technology or another. Only the solution of this issue as a whole will factor into the desired result. There is no commonly used key. Modern technologies are only a tool in the hands of specialists, and the efficiency of using technologies depends on the level of their professionalism.

In your opinion, how much effective is the interaction between contractors and customers in Ukraine? What changes could have a positive effect on this sector?

We always work openly and transparently, put up our bids on open trading platforms and consider different offers. We are only interested in receiving high-quality services and flexibility in dealing with us as customers.  At the same time, our relations with contractors always comply with contractual obligations, they are as much efficient as possible.

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